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Endre Koronczi: PopSynergy

twin-channel videoprojection

Mūcsarnok, MenüPont

5 February-2 Marc 2008


The individual intensified in togetherness

In those special moments, the cathartic seconds of cooperation between the members of a group who do something together, 4x1 may equal 4.001! These are those flitting moments when the individual becomes intensified through collectiveness. In an intensive moment of togetherness, the components add up, the subject gains a new meaning, join action acts as a catalyst for the power of the individual. Can you make that one thousandth that derives from the "faulty" algorithm appear, does the state of essentially altered minds manifest?

Imagine that the members of a close-knit company awaken from the trance of ecstatic togetherness all at the same time. They look at each other, feel the air trembling, feel the magic of that inspired moment. They are all rushed in the current that is the power of togetherness. They are look at each other exhaustedly, and they are aware of the significance of the. Not a word is uttered. They just stand and look at each other. The importance of the moment is obvious to all of them, but there is nothing to be done with it. It just is. It lasts the flicker of an eye, until the next breath, it cannot be extended to more than minutes. A unique event.

copyright: Koronczi