Endre Koronczi
epicene *

From the legends of a small people living in the North, we can learn about the theory that in the souls of all of us, there lives a little OO. It only shows occasionally, and not everybody is aware of its presence, though we have actual evidence of its existence. This little OO normally has the characteristic of the souls of the opposite sex, and is sometimes called OO, whereas at other times OO, depending on the direction it influences the image other people around us from of us. Many times, it appears in an absolutely real, tangible from to help us in orientation, while often quite the contrary. In some case, the awareness of OO's existence arises as a dreadful obstacle and makes it impossible for us to act properly under its influence. We hate it and long for it at the same time.
Many a man have taken up fight against it, some try to live with it and make friends with it. Some have tried to picture it, to put it into words or feature it in a way, but no one has ever succeeded.


The exhibition of Endre Koronczi
in the Lumen Gallery

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