epicene *

2 x 133 O cm
digital print


"You know, I often have he feeling nowadays that there's something in me that's like you. Or is it just because of the acidic sensation of the solitude? Still, it seems like that has made everything so difficult and as if I have no idea what I should be like. I'm thinking of my dream that I told you about on our vacation."
"But I'm here, trust me. Anyhow, there can be virtue in resignation, too. - Wait a minute! Are we talking about the same thing?"


"We've become so close due to my presence. But this is exactly what might make it all impossible. Or have we become sceptical and our scepticism is stopping us from accomplishing our deeds? Is it about excuses only and not real reason?"
"Have I given myself away? I'm listening to you, because I can feel that you're talking to me, and know it, too, that you need me."


Endre Koronczi's exhibition
in the LUMEN Gallery

From the legends of a small people living in the North, we can learn about...
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