BIANCO image ::: Trieste (Italy), 2002


In our life, a day may come and we cannot decide whether we have anticipated it's coming with expectation or with fear. But one thing is certain: this day everything changes around us. Everything we have built up until this moment disintegrates like a sandcastle. We are astonished to see our relationship to our surroundings crumble. Good becomes bad, fixed points evaporate, and help appears to come from the distant or the unknown. Undiscovered territories of the world emerge essential as if we found our real place of birth. The experience of loss and discovery becomes that of madness and rebirth. And then, we understand how our relations influence the changes and how our encounters gain an underlined significance in the story's point of view.

And all this is so ridiculously simple.

Endre Koronczi's exhibition in GIL & MOTI H O M EG A L L E R Y in Rotterdam was realized on the excuse of such an encounter. The young artists (a couple), who run the space, also reveal their private life to the public. It is in this way that the turn their private life into artistic material.