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16 attempts at getting rid of willingness
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Try drawing your attention to your own attention in order to answer a question. Focus your attention on the process of attentiveness.

Try to sleep! Try falling asleep in front of the camera for the sake of a shot. Accomplishing this task is as difficult as simple it seems, because sleeping is one of the human activities that are almost impossible to do by will. We cannot fall asleep by sheer willpower. In fact, falling asleep rather requires unwillingness. In this case, will and determination more inhibit the actualisation of the goal than incite it. Instead of will and determination, inner harmony and relaxation are required. Is it possible to induce such a state in a public space? Is it possible to fall asleep in front of the camera for the sake of a shot?

While asleep, we are a completely defenceless. The induction of tranquillity and will-lessness presupposes a state of complete confidence. In order to fall asleep, total acceptance of defencelessness and complete identification with the environment are required. Is it possible to achieve the state of will-lessness and unconditional confidence in the environment?

What can be seen on the video are 16 attempts in 16 different locations. Is the character in the scenes really asleep? The moments after awakening are telling, but we cannot be sure. The question is then still open:
Is it possible to sleep by will anytime anywhere?
Is it possible to not will by will?

copyright: Koronczi